Sybil and the treat bowls

Sybil Kibble got excited to see these dog bowls full of food samples. However her heart sunk when she learned they were full of human food.


Upside Down You Turn Me

Local yokel and poor Elvis impersonator Robbie Hurlbutt has a huge crush on Gothic Diana, lead singer from Kankakee County band The Midnight Supremes. Robbie stalks Diana on Fakebook and Utube, telling her she is the best diva on earth and she can be the boss of him anytime. Do you think Diana is impressed?

MHA – Moronic Half Assets

Join Kankakee's newest Vaudeville act, MHA - Moronic Half Assets, across the USA! Kankakee theatre owner and comedian Konrad Teirant joins his mad clown wife, Madeline, in Elvis impersonator Robbie Hurlbutt's clownmobile as they tour the country! See them before they leave their stop in Utica, New York! MHA's tour dates: Champaign, IL: February 30 … Continue reading MHA – Moronic Half Assets

Moronic Devices

New from MoronicArts Productions! Houdini — The mobile phone that disappears into a new dimension whenever you look for it! You can only find the new Houdini when you are not looking for it. Look for the Houdini at a retailer near you, if you can find it! KillJoy — The only mp3 player that … Continue reading Moronic Devices