Dale Davis, Bachelor For Life?

CRASS Debt Collector all by his lonesome in his Kankakee apartment.


Wanna Buy An Oil?

Doris Krabalsky is Kankakee town troll Leona Krabalsky's younger sister who sells essential snake oils, investments you can sell your friends, stinky pink drinks, and other MLM products on the streets. Meet her at midnight. Wanna buy a shirt? (With this moron on it) https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/3847243-wanna-buy-an-oil?store_id=138403


Credit Recovery Associates (CRASS), LLC’s corporate slogan is “We take their money, so you don’t have to.” CRASS CEO Mack E. Avelli loves to find new ways to make money for the company. Because he is running out of fresh ideas, he decides to hold a meeting with the entire staff. “Anything to get some … Continue reading Checkmate

Sybil Joins The Gym

Sybil wants to meet some attractive, fit men, so she decides to join the local gym. Sybil sees a sign for a free, week-long membership for new members and immediately sashays in to sign up.  After giving away her address, mobile number, credit card number, work history, email address, and blood type, Sybil is ready … Continue reading Sybil Joins The Gym

Working the Streets

It is a beautiful morning in Kankakee. Sybil wakes up and checks her Fakebook page. “Five new messages? I wonder what they could be? Sybil clicks the small notification icon toward the top of the Web browser. The page reloads. “Pages like yours are being boosted. Reach 1000 users for just $10. Contact Fakebook Advertising … Continue reading Working the Streets