Do It Yourself Mike

CRASS Maintenance Chief and Building Manager Mikey Philips is a real do-it-yourselfer. In charge of security, maintenance, and all building operations, Mike wears many hats (not just fedoras). However, Mike has no problem ordering other people to do his work and often does the bare minimum to satisfy his job description, or less. “Knock-knock. Hi … Continue reading Do It Yourself Mike


Dale Sits in the Corner

CRASS Bill Collector Dale Davis sits in the company breakroom corner, all by his lonesome, wishing his boss / crush Sybil Kibble would come sit by him. He cut his hair and shaved his moustache just for her. Oh darn.

Doris Studies Scheming

Doris Krabalsky is getting frustrated at the lack of interest in her pyramid schemes, despite her best attempt to convince strangers on the street that essential snake oils can cure all the ailments. She heads to a local cafe to read up on marketing tactics so she can hopefully become the bossbabe she wants to … Continue reading Doris Studies Scheming

Spam Does Not Pay

“Aw, man. I have these diet coffee beans for sale and nobody wants to buy them. All I get are panhandlers asking for money and free coffee. Got any ideas, Pat?” street schemer Doris Krabalsky asks local spammer, Pat Splatt. “Let me introduce your idea on social media! I have a proven strategy that will … Continue reading Spam Does Not Pay

Where There’s Smokey…

“Since that party last week in the break room set the sprinkler system off, the ventilation system is all jacked up. We need to do some work ‘round here and move some people”, CRASS Maintenance Manager Mikey Philips tells Collections Team Lead Sybil Kibble. Head-pounding bangs and fart-like drills are heard, making it hard to … Continue reading Where There’s Smokey…