Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard!


Sybil and the Lawnmower

While on her break from a particularly demanding — but successful — day at Credit Recovery Associates, LLC (CRASS), Lead Collections Representative Sybil Kibble takes a break from her usual dog food lunch to check out the online news. Sybil logs off the autodialer, sets down her headset, and logs into te daily Kankakee newspaper’s … Continue reading Sybil and the Lawnmower

CRASS Company Classifieds

Classifieds: No matter how long you work, an ad in the classifieds never stops working. 001 LOST AND FOUND: Lost: My mind. Please help! Call Mack at 555-3700. 002 ANNOUNCEMENTS: Wanted: The beast in my dreams...the one that makes them loony! Call the cops at 555-FIND if you find him. You are out there! The … Continue reading CRASS Company Classifieds

Sybil Can’t Fly.

It's that time again. Sybil is so excited for the annual CRASS leadership training conference in Hoboken, New Jersey, she can almost wet herself. However, she cannot fly. She does not want to fly, actually. It is not that she is afraid to fly; she just WON'T. Miss Sybil has an aversion to flying. She … Continue reading Sybil Can’t Fly.

Sybil’s Spit Machine, Bees & Lawnmower-Race Woes

Tacky, Tacky is she. Sybil Katrina Kibble had to go all the way to Chillicothe to buy herself a sit down model lawnmower because the hardware shop was backorderded. She left her lawn sprinkler on, too lazy to care about water conservation. She gets to the race, mad as heck because it is a push … Continue reading Sybil’s Spit Machine, Bees & Lawnmower-Race Woes